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Nielsen Singapore Case Competition 2019: Sparking Innovation With Young Minds

Nielsen has a long history of seeking out and nurturing young talent. That’s a primary way in which we remain at the forefront of measurement and data analytics. In Singapore, our “case competitions” are a great way to engage young minds and see how they use data, innovation and analytics to approach modern business challenges. In case competitions, participating teams strive to develop solutions to business- or education-related case studies. They typically end with each team presenting their solutions to a panel of judges. And in early October, we crowned the winners of our seventh annual competition. 

Singapore’s Nielsen Case Competitions have been a platform for budding young minds to test their ability to leverage data and analytics to come up with innovative solutions since 2012. Joan Koh, Head of Human Resources & Talent Development, South East & Developed Asia, said that these competitions “set the stage for brilliant young minds to be collaborative, creative and showcase their best, and we’re continually amazed by the quality of the submissions and presentations we witness.” 

In this year’s competition, six finalist teams beat more than 94 successful submissions from across all universities in Singapore to present their business cases to a panel of distinguished judges. The students were tasked with analysing a business case about a global snack company and proposing short- and long-term strategies backed by either Nielsen data or data from their own research.

The winning team, National University of Singapore students Neo Wei Bin Kelvin, Tan Yong Kai, Ernest Koh, and Preethi Ravi began their presentation by identifying why the snack company has lost market share despite being in a growing potato-based snack market. After they detailed the decline, they outlined how increasing distribution rates in order to play on their strength in diversity would provide a solid growth opportunity, albeit one that would require the company to invest some resources.

The winning team was not alone in identifying the shift in Singaporeans’ preference toward healthier snacks. All of the teams acknowledged the market’s favourable perception toward digitalisation and Singapore’s ageing population. Each team substantiated its presentation with facts and visually presented data. They also identified unmet opportunities and forecast demand in today’s age of technology, all of which required the students to analyse scenarios and provide meaningful ideas to help the company regain market share and then stay ahead of the curve.

In addition to providing a forum for young minds to compete in real-life business scenarios, this year’s Nielsen Case Competition helped campus engagement and maintain relations with universities across Singapore. More importantly, it reinforces Nielsen’s perspective on shaping young minds to be more creative when developing solutions amid changing consumer landscapes. 

The event ended on a high note as the winning team, who was slightly nervous yet exuded confidence before the competition began, urged Nielsen to bring the competition back again next year!

Pictured above: Nielsen Case Competition Winners 2019 (from left): Joan Koh, Preethi Ravi, Neo Wei Bin Kelvin, Tan Yong Kai, Ernest Koh, Adriana Chia