Webinar: How to Launch More Incremental Innovations

Webinar: How to Launch More Incremental Innovations

Innovation has always been front and centre of many growth stories around the world. Small nimble brands with laser sharp focus on innovation have become market leaders in a short span of time while some of the big established brands who are either reluctant to innovate or not as agile as some of their competitors, have lost share and equity faster than anyone expected.

Being successful in all innovations is easier said than done. If not planned or executed well, innovations can be detrimental to the health of the brand. In some cases, instead of being incremental, new innovations have actually shrunk the overall franchise volume.

So, is there a magic formula that really works?

Through this webinar, we showcased our collective learning and wisdom on ‘How to Launch More Incremental Innovations’. Using innovation launch examples from local markets in multiple regions, we present local factors that play out in favour of incremental growth and also hotspots where failure risks lie. We also highlight steps for executing more incremental innovations in the market.

This page includes the playback for two region specific webinars we hosted on this topic – Asia Pacific and Africa & the Middle East.