It is unaffordable to miss the e-commerce market, which has a fast growing scale in the past few years in Taiwan, reaching an annual growth of 22%*. Online shopping behaviors of consumers have already mastered and become a critical trend in a battlefield named business.

According to studies of Nielsen, almost 40% of consumers in Taiwan have experienced purchasing goods online in the last year. That is to say, internet has gradually dominated the virtual channels.

Virtual channels adopted by consumers in Taiwan include online shopping, TV shopping channels, direct sales, as well as mail and catalog ordering. However, usages of all other channels remained unchanged for the past seven years, while online shopping consumers increased year after year. From 2005 to 2012, the percentage of online shoppers grew from 19% to 36%, which was a growth of multiples. In order to appeal to consumers and be outstanding among countless brands, it is extremely critical to understand shopping behaviors of online shoppers.

In that case, through eight focused online shopping categories that are popular in Taiwan, including facial products, personal hygiene, paper-based products, baby products, household cleaning, health supplement, electronic products and apparels, Nielsen has discussed over consumer profiles of online shoppers: what is the difference between online shoppers in Taiwan and others that shop in conventional physical channels?

The findings in Nielsen’s “Online Shopper Study” showed that online shoppers in Taiwan tend to be female, mostly middle-aged married women aged 30 to 49. They are highly-educated consumers; more than 80% of them obtain college degrees or above. Moreover, approximately half of them are white-collar workers, which equals to that their household incomes are relatively higher comparing with common families.

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