Similar but Also Different: Generation Lifestyles

Similar but Also Different: Generation Lifestyles

How much does our age influence how we think, where and what we eat or how we save and spend? Depending on our age, our approach to something as simple as getting up-to-date news or how frequently we eat out can be drastically different. For all of our differences, in many ways, generation does matter in Taiwan.

For the purposes of this study, respondents are segmented into four life-stage classifications:
• Generation Z (15 – 20)
• Millennials (21 -34)
• Generation X (35 – 49)
• Baby Boomers (50 – 64) and Silent Generation (65+).

The results reveal insights about how Taiwan consumers live, eat, play, work and save. And, the infographics tell the story: as we age, our focus shifts from wealth to health.

TV is no longer the first source for getting the news—even among Baby Boomers. 

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Similar but Also Different: Generation Lifestyles

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