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Consumer needs are fragmenting and competition to engage them is steep. To win, you need to up your game to meet their needs and connect with them. Interactions are what matter today, but traditional segmentation models can’t deliver your programs to the specific consumers you want to reach.

Consumerization helps solve these problems. This new technique broadens segmentation and offers a new level of precision so you can reach deeper and boost consumer engagement across your entire business. We help you identify and build a custom view of your most profitable consumers so we can then help you innovate, communicate and activate with those consumers in mind.


supermarket and hypermarket shoppers are influenced by promotions.

Consumer Insights

of Taiwanese shoppers have purchased groceries online.


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Succeeding in today’s market requires more than just keeping pace with the Joneses. Competition is fierce and new products are a dime a dozen. But great innovators make it look easy, almost magical. Behind that magic, however, is immense time, discipline, and analytics. That’s where we come in.

Our end-to-end innovation process is backed by 100 years of experience developing, optimizing and validating product campaigns. Our innovation approach identifies what consumers say they need as well as the needs they haven’t articulated yet. That’s where breakthrough opportunities—those with true potential to achieve sustainable growth for your business—reside.

Product Development

new products achieve breakthrough success.

Development and Qualification

of product launches fail.  Let’s beat the odds together.


new products go on to be successful.

Post Launch

products go on to be successful.


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Effective marketing is about delivering your message to the right people, shaping their preferences and, ultimately, driving sales. We call this reach, resonance and reaction—the three Rs of marketing effectiveness.

Our marketing effectiveness measurement systems are unparalleled in their scope and level of integration. We can help you measure how well you’re accomplishing your advertising goals across video-, audio- and text-based advertising on virtually any platform or device. From network television to streaming audio on a smart phone to social media on a tablet, we’ve got you covered whether you’re buying or selling advertising.

Advertising Effectiveness

consumers say TV ads enhance the memory of the product or brand.

Creative Optimisation

of consumers would click online ad banners that include attractive images, icons and animation.

Audience Measurement

of tablet and smartphone owners globally use their devices while watching TV.


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Sales Effectiveness

Understanding today’s consumer is no easy feat, and with store-level as well as shopper insights in the markets you operate in, your customers’ behaviors and preferences will always be top of mind.

Effective shopper marketing relies on understanding shoppers to influence their purchase decisions and drive growth. So with our insights, your activation will always be shopper-friendly. We dig deep into shopper behavior to help you understand the why behind the buy so that you can enhance your marketing approach at retail.

Driving performance is also about understanding the levers that influence purchase decisions and ultimately guiding your price and trade promotion strategies. We have end-to-end solutions that help you measure each of these in-store variables and their impact on your sales volume.


of Taiwan consumers plan their purchases before they shop.

Price and Promotion

Taiwan shoppers go to great effort to buy groceries at the lowest price.

Sales Measurement

of the typical shopping basket mix comprises food.

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