Aussies Take Their Technology To Go

Aussies Take Their Technology To Go

Australians are abandoning desktop PCs and flocking to laptops and other wireless devices, according to Nielsen Online’s Internet and Technology Report released today.  In the last year, household ownership of desktop computers declined 10 percent, while ownership of laptops jumped from 49 percent to 63.  Wireless LAN ownership increased more than 20 points in the last year and now stands at 53 percent.  Additionally, broadband subscriptions reached 97 percent, up from 84 percent in 2007.

“As Australians become increasingly less wired in the ways they access the Internet, a greater focus is being placed on laptop-style computers rather than fixed desktops,” said Tony Marlow, Research Director for Nielsen Online.

Other highlights of the report include:

  • Australians spent an average of 89.2 hours per week consuming media, up from 84.4 hours in 2007 and 71.4 hours in 2006.
  • They spent 16.1 hours per week online, up from 13.7 hours in 2007.
  • They like to multitask, with 61 percent watching TV while online.
  • Mobile ownership has almost reached a saturation point with 92 percent now reporting owning a mobile phone.

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