Australians Buzzing About New Zealand

Australians Buzzing About New Zealand

While connected by a common language (accents notwithstanding), history and location, Australians and New Zealanders have always had a degree of friendly rivalry.  But that rivalry is diminishing to some extent as more Australians visit their neighbor to the southeast, according to research from Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics service.

A scouring of blogs and message boards across Australia found that Aussies were surprised how much they enjoyed New Zealand, particularly its scenery and adventure activities.  And despite a few gripes about insects and gentle mocking of Kiwis’ “eccents,” Australians have taken to New Zealand with gusto.

“This goes to show that despite the traditional ribbing of New Zealand by Australians, they’re coming around to what we have to offer as a destination.  We seem to be winning in the all-important category of word-of-mouth advertising,” said Tony Boyte, research director for Nielsen’s New Zealand online division.

Queenstown was by far the most talked-about tourist destination among Australian bloggers, followed by Milford Sound and Fiordland.  Skiing and snowboarding were the most popular activities in terms of blogs and message boards, followed by surfing and windsurfing, hiking, visiting wineries and bungee jumping.