Kiwis Take To Information Superhighway In Search Of Wheels

Kiwis Take To Information Superhighway In Search Of Wheels

Determining which car to buy is an important decision, and usually requires a fair amount of research on the part of the buyer.  Thankfully, the Internet has made that process much easier, and New Zealanders have taken to the web with gusto: 84 percent use the Internet for that purpose, according to Nielsen Online.  Visiting used car dealers and consulting with friends and family were the second and third most popular options, respectively.

But buyers aren’t the only ones who benefit, as 62 percent of sellers use the Internet as a resource for researching the market, and 52 percent use it as a tool to actually sell their vehicle.

“There remains excellent growth potential for online auto resources.  Online publishers can lift their game by further improving functionality and content, with better search functions, inclusion of safety specs, comparison tools and use of improved imagery,” said Tony Boyte, Research Director – New Zealand at Nielsen Online.

Read the entire press release, which includes information about the full range of tools consumers use and a list of top web sites used by buyers, here.