Loyalty Who Are Your Customers and Why Are They With You

Loyalty Who Are Your Customers and Why Are They With You

What is the role of customer intelligence, customer centricity and the key issues surrounding the development of customer loyalty programs in today’s economic environment?

Adrian Baker, a leader in Nielsen’s Customer Intelligence practice for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry, recently spoke at the Russia & CEE Customer Loyalty Summit, which took place on December 1-2, 2009 in Moscow.

At the event, Adrian talked about the role of loyalty programs and how to use them to build stronger relationships with customers. If you want to follow your customers’ needs, then know who they are and what they want.

Listen to the interview.

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[English transcript]

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In a forthcoming whitepaper, Who Are Your Customers and Why Are They With You In a Recessionary Economy?, Baker will detail:

  • Three essentials for performing above average in today’s economic environment and how trading down can be made to work for you
  • The most important customer loyalty facts that should be taken into account today
  • The future of customer centricity
  • Why the definition of category management has to change.