Mr. Mom Goes Shopping

Mr. Mom Goes Shopping

Back in 1983, when the movie “Mr. Mom” was released, the idea of a stay-at-home dad was unusual. The film made light of the fact that many men were completely unprepared for the responsibilities of the traditional “mom” role.  Almost three decades later, American men have taken on a greater percentage of the household shopping.  While females still dominate shopping trips in most channels, almost one-third of men are now the principal shoppers in the home. 

Overall, men are substantially increasing their average dollar basket size across all channels – especially in grocery where they have increased spending by 56 percent over a five year span.  And while a high percentage of dollars spent by men are in predictable categories such as alcoholic beverages, grooming care and pre-shave products, more than half of the principal male’s shopping basket consists of items that indicate they are shopping for the family, such as canned seafood, refrigerated juices, lunch meats and dishwashing aids. 

As a result of this growing trend, marketers need to evaluate the importance of men’s purchase volume for their brand and those of competitors and determine whether their current media mix reaches these purchasers.  By learning more about where and what these consumers buy, they will be better able to guide brand positioning and media targeting to capitalize on this target when they are in the aisles.

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