Nielsen Economic Current Debuts

Nielsen Economic Current Debuts

Nielsen today unveiled the Economic Current, a monthly study that will track key consumer and retailing trends on a global, regional and country-wide basis. Using the vast amount of consumer data collected by Nielsen, the Economic Current will serve as a centralized source of information on key consumer topics such as:

• Market Index volume, in terms of unit and country currency change

• Retail channel shifting

• Shopping frequency and spending trends

• Overall consumer confidence

“Nielsen collects and analyzes data on tens of thousands of products around the world. As we were thinking of new ways to leverage this valuable resource, we thought it would be useful to summarize this information and create a monthly snapshot of consumer and retail trends across the globe. We expect that the Nielsen Economic Current will provide our clients and others with another valuable tool for evaluating these trends at both a macro- and microeconomic level,” said Todd Hale, Senior Vice President, Consumer & Shopper Insights at Nielsen.

In addition to global and regional components, the Economic Current will follow trends in eleven countries representing over 70 percent of Global GDP.  Countries were chosen based on their importance to the overall global economy as well as countries where Nielsen captures a broad set of consumer, retail and media content. The countries which the Economic Current will track on an individual basis are:

• United States

• Canada

• France

• Germany

• United Kingdom

• Italy

• Spain

• Brazil

• Russia

• India

• China

Over the course of the next week, Nielsen Wire will feature brief summaries on key sections of the latest edition of the Economic Current. In the months ahead, new editions of the Economic Current will be supplemented with podcasts by senior executives and analysts who will provide further insight on global consumer trends.

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