Product Buzz Overview From CES

Product Buzz Overview From CES

Sue McDonald, Nielsen Online

Leading up to the Jan. 8 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, buzz from online boards, forums and blogs increased nearly tenfold from post-2008 holiday levels, according to Nielsen Online.

Key products created much of the excitement, including super-thin, bendable TV screens (using organic light-emitting diode, or OLED technology), new digital cameras and camcorders, smarter-than-ever-smartphones such as the Palm Pre, and tinier, more powerful computers, some of which are being called “netbooks.” Also big: the concept of “convergence,” which means that many electronics devices are now interchangeably converging their functions: computers that download TV content and music and play it throughout the house, cameras that use GPS to tag photos automatically, and phones that serve as music players. Sure, electronics manufacturers are feeling the pinch, but they’re also hoping to benefit from consumers who turn to more home-based entertainment (big-screen TVs, gaming consoles, etc.) to keep their own budgets under control.

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