Shopper Management is on the Rise

Shopper Management is on the Rise

Jay Stockwell, SVP Shopper Management & Loyalty, The Nielsen Company

At the Consumer 360 Conference yesterday Malcolm Gladwell gave some fascinating remarks on compensatory learning. I thought it was a perfect frame for what Nielsen is doing in the area of Shopper Management. The basic message is that some people, or businesses or processes, achieve greatness through continuous and iterative improvement. That is precisely the path we are in Shopper Management at Nielsen.

Today’s shopper has access to more choice and convenience than ever before with a typical grocery retail outlet having over 40,000 skus to choose from. In addition, channels have doubled over the past 50 years. In my neighborhood in San Clemente, California there are seven different channels available for certain categories. Shoppers are bombarded with ads throughout their day. This environment creates a major challenge for our manufacturing and retailing clients, as it results in a shopper who is highly impulsive and largely disloyal.

Thus the importance of understanding shoppers and shopper behavior has never been more critical. With the advent of access to granular forms of shopper data including frequent shopper data, tlog and even better access to panel data we have seen an evolution from legacy Category Management to Shopper Management.

Thank you to the outstanding panelists – – Melissa Zip, Food Lion, Rob Colarossi, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Amanda Kelly, Unilever, David Newman, PepsiCo and Diane Harper, Kraft — who joined me for our discussion earlier this week, “The Continued Rise of Customer Centricity.” Many of the videos of the sessions at Consumer 360 are available on demand at