Spring Brings Growth To British Grocery Sales

Spring Brings Growth To British Grocery Sales

Spurred by warmer weather and slowing food inflation, grocery sales in the UK grew 5 percent in the 12 weeks ending June 13th, and annual gains to date stood at 3.6 percent, according to Nielsen.  All of the top British grocery retailers posted gains, with one exception, and Waitrose in particular turned in an impressive performance with 8.4 percent growth.  The chain has attracted almost a quarter million new shoppers in the last month, and consumer spend grew more than 5 percent.

“Waitrose has gained strong momentum going into the summer, which is the time of year that brings incremental sales of fresh foods.  With new stores opening and a major media campaign in early June to support the launch of the retailer’s new private label offerings, the outlook, based on recent performance, is positive,” said Mike Watkins, Senior Manager, Retailer Services at Nielsen.

Retailer 12 w/e 6/14/08 12 w/e 6/13/09 Value Sales % Change
Tesco 28.0% 28.2% 6.6%
Asda 15.2% 15.7% 9.3%
Sainsbury 14.3% 14.7% 8.7%
Morrisons 10.4% 10.7% 8.7%
Co-op 6.3% 6.1% 3.9%
Waitrose 3.5% 3.5% 7.9%
M&S 3.7% 3.6% 4.4%
Somerfield 3.6% 3.0% -10.9%
Iceland 1.7% 1.8% 1.2%
Source: Nielsen Total Till, Nielsen Homescan