Retail Landscape 2015 10 Predictions

Retail Landscape 2015 10 Predictions

Todd Hale, SVP Retail and Shopper Insights

As we manage through one of the most challenging U.S. economic downturns, American consumers have made significant shifts in what they buy and watch.  From planning their shopping trips to focusing on value to trading down to going out less and staying in more, consumers have pressed the reset button and fundamentally changed their habits.

At the same time, consumer packaged goods (CPG) retailers and manufacturers have seized the moment to drive – – rather than ride — the recession wave through innovation.  How is this innovation impacting consumers today and impacting the evolving retail landscape of 2015?

Some of our Retail 2015 predictions:

  1. Mass supercenters and e-commerce will be the big winners.
  2. Low and high-end grocery stores will grow share.
  3. Pet stores and dollar stores will grow.
  4. Retail consolidation: the big will get bigger.
  5. Smart phones will be the primary enabler of shopper engagements.
  6. Store formats will evolve: new formats, smaller stores, pop-up retailing to accelerate.
  7. Anywhere in-store check outs to replace self check-out and open floor space.
  8. In-store kiosks, digital media and holograms to interact with shoppers.
  9. Demise of traditional consumer age and gender targets as technology enables seamless view across languages and ethnic/generational groups with links to purchase and usage behavior
  10. Evolving U.S. demographics have major impacts

Tune in as we review the innovations impacting the retail landscape today, discuss our retail predictions for the future and what retailers can do to prepare during the webinar, Retail Landscape 2015: An Update on Tuesday, October 26.  Join the conversation via Twitter at #Retail2015.