Hunger Action Month Reminds us that Hunger is Closer than we Think

Hunger Action Month Reminds us that Hunger is Closer than we Think

Nic Covey, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Nielsen

The World Food Programme reports that one in seven people around the world will go hungry tonight. But where are these people?  In a remote, far off village?  In reality, the people going hungry tonight may be closer than you think.

This year, Nielsen collaborated with Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger relief agency in the U.S., to examine  “food security” (defined as access to enough food for an active, healthy life) around the United States for their Map the Meal Gap study.  During the collaboration, Feeding America revealed a stunning population of food insecure people throughout even developed nations such as the U.S.

The same is true outside of the US.  Though 65 percent of the world’s hungry are concentrated in seven emerging and developing economies (India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia), that still leaves 35 percent who are hungry in places you might not expect.  Hunger is  global: an  attribute of developing, emerging and developed countries alike.

Yet even as we embrace that reality, it’s possible that the statistics oversimplify the situation.  Whether by climate disaster or conflict, job loss or physical disability, nearly one billion people right now wonder how they’ll feed themselves or their children. That’s more than the populations of the U.S., Canada and the EU combined.

With the scale of this problem in mind, Nielsen joined other global companies in Hunger Action Month, an awareness and action campaign led by Feeding America.  This month, Nielsen will lend its time, talents and other resources to address this in a focused, committed way.  Nielsen, a global information and measurement company with employees in 100 + countries,  has embraced this concept throughout its global operations.  Around the world, Nielsen associates will take time this month to learn more about hunger, increase hunger awareness and find ways to increase nourishment in their local communities.  Wherever you call home, we hope you’ll join us.

In the U.S., you can take part by visiting Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month page to learn more about hunger and to see how you can get involved locally or nationally.  To make an impact outside of the U.S., visit the World Food Programme site to contribute to urgent hunger relief efforts underway including efforts to support those affected by the current famine in the Horn of Africa.  Throughout the month, Nielsen will share updates and key facts about hunger on its Facebook page at

Thank you for joining Nielsen in Hunger Action Month as we focus attention and take action to address this issue both globally and locally.