IDEO’s Tom Kelley Innovating for Growth

IDEO’s Tom Kelley Innovating for Growth

IDEO, a design and innovation consulting company, has helped many global businesses innovate thanks to their fresh look at consumers. Tom Kelley, the firm’s general manager, spoke on new ways of thinking to help brands better connect with consumers.

In thinking about growth through innovation, Kelley kept it simple saying there are really two big lessons.

Become an anthropologist: While data is incredibly important, “it’s not just about the data,” Kelley said. Kelley encourages clients to observe the world continuously: try to find out where consumers get lost or fall down and then say, “Hey, can we work on that?”

Think verbs not nouns: Kelley noted that marketers often focus on the physical product they ship, but for customers, it’s not really about the nouns/products; it’s about the verbs, the experience.  Consumers want to know – how hard is it to sign up, opt out, what is the customer service like. The consumer is looking at the sweep of their experience.