Integrating Marketing on the Path to Purchase

Integrating Marketing on the Path to Purchase

Identifying clear paths to purchase in the context of consumer demand and advertising was the focus of a Nielsen panel discussion led by Adam Lashinsky, Senior Editor at Large at Fortune Magazine.

The panel was part of Nielsen’s Consumer 360 client event in Orlando Florida and included:

Joe Cavaliere, President, Customer Development, Unilever

Diane Dietz, CMO, Safeway

Cyriac Roeding, CEO, Shopkick

Mark Addicks, CMO, General Mills

Dietz said the challenge was to look at the multitude of innovations and technology available today and do things that shoppers were receptive to and wanted in their lives. She said permission marketing was critical. “It’s not just about inventory – it’s about the consumer and consumer insights.”

In order to leverage data into action and incorporate a digital approach that makes it fun, seamless, invisible and easier for the customer, you need to partner with companies to develop integrated approaches.

“Not one of us has all the answers, but when we share the insights, we can grow the business, added Cavaliere. “Collaborating around the path to consumption will drive more consumption in the home.”

Lashinsky probed the panel to discuss how much attention marketers should place on new versus traditional approaches. The panel members agreed that the way to true return on investment is through shopper insights. “Do not chase technology…stay focused on the consumer,” said Cavaliere.

“I never believe any company is winning because of technology,” said Roeding. “It is important, but how you treat consumers is what keeps them coming back. Welcome people when they come into the store and treat them personally without bombarding them. It has to be personalized, fun and entertaining.”

“When and how you engage with consumers is important,” agreed Addicks. “The first moment of truth has to be right, but it’s the zero moment of truth that is key. Make it fun and fulfilling for the consumer and bring the experience to life.”