German Online Shopping Basket Value is Higher Than In-Store

German Online Shopping Basket Value is Higher Than In-Store

Nielsen’s recent global report on the rise of online grocery shopping revealed that 49 percent had purchased a product online. Sixty percent had used the Internet for grocery-shopping research, 46 percent had used social media to help make purchase decisions and their intentions to purchase food and beverages online had increased 44 percent.

With the clear rise in overall online grocery shopping in mind, Nielsen releases its German report on online shopping facts, Digital Facts: FMCG Online Shops.

The Digital Facts: FMCG Online Shops report compares trends between male, versus female shopping habits, highlighting that women use FCMG online shops more frequently and longer than men. Both genders shop within the pharmaceutical category the most, with 2.77 million users reported in May 2012. The report also noted that almost every sixth Internet user in Germany visits FCMG online shops, and that the shopping basket value online is much higher than in-store (24.10 Euro online, versus 15.12 Euro retail).

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Other notable facts and figures include:

  • The greatest affinity for FMCG online shops is shown by women aged 25-34
  • The top-five online FMCG groups from January-May of 2012 are: cat food, packaged coffee beans, cold remedies, bath/ shower products and toothpastes/ liquids
  • Pharmacies are the online FMCG category with the largest shale of male visitors, at 47 percent
  • The average duration of a visit to a FMCG online shop is 14:04 minutes
  • Women stay for longer visits, with a 15:41-minute average

For more detail and insight, download Nielsen’s German Digital Facts Report here.