Online Quiz: Is Sharing the New Buying?

Online Quiz: Is Sharing the New Buying?

Did you upgrade to the latest gadget and still have your old electronics laying around? How about the bike you bought to get in shape that’s just gathering dust? What if you could collect cash for these unused items? Many people are already cashing in, as participants around the world are tapping into the sharing economy, an emerging global trend that some authorities value at more than $25 billion.

A down economy, coupled with the ease of use and reliability of the Internet, has given rise to a network of part-time entrepreneurs that is turning personal assets into income. And you may have participated as a seller, renter or both. But how much do you know about today’s growing share communities around the world?

Nielsen polled more than 30,000 Internet respondents in 60 countries to identify who is joining, for what products and services, and where. Take our quiz to test your knowledge!