The Best of Newswire 2014: Population Shifts

The Best of Newswire 2014: Population Shifts

Around the world—and in the U.S.—populations are shifting. Globally, 2 billion people are estimated to be 60 years and older by 2050. But on the other end of the spectrum, more than one-fourth of some of the largest countries’ populations are Millennials.

With all this change, companies face the challenge of finding the audiences and shoppers they’re trying to reach. Fortunately, knowing certain characteristics—age, habits, gender and background—can help businesses (and nonprofits) tailor their interactions with different consumer groups.

And with today’s fragmenting technology and the rise in smartphones in the U.S., that customization is increasingly important: Many consumers—especially Millennials—expect a personal touch from companies and brands. Given technology’s growing role in our daily lives, it should come as no surprise that readers’ interest in 2014’s shifting populations intersected closely with the digital sphere—and the young generation that’s leading the technological charge.

Here’s a look back at our top five stories on population shifts from 2014.


Millennials: Technology = Social Connection

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever used your smartphone or tablet PC? For Millennials, the real question is: Where haven’t they used their devices? This generation’s digital tendencies mean that marketers and brands need to step up their games in order to keep up and engage with them.

Age Matters with Digital Shoppers

E-commerce is growing around the world. In fact, global online purchase intention rates doubled—in some cases tripled—between 2011 and 2014 across more than half of 22 categories measured by Nielsen. But not all age groups are shopping online to the same degree.


There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Strategy in E-Commerce

To better understand the breadth of shopper needs, Nielsen has identified seven digital segments, each with its own unique set of attitudes and purchase behavior. The segments range from technology-averse shoppers to digital advocates.


The Female/Male Digital Divide

In today’s digital and social media-driven world, consumers have the world at their fingertips, but are male and female fingers doing the same thing? A closer look into today’s rapidly evolving digital behaviors highlights the differences between what engages men and women.


Appetite for Convenience: How Millennials Are Changing the Hispanic Shopping Basket

For food manufacturers and retailers (and just about everyone else), bright spotlights shine on two powerhouse consumer groups in the U.S. for their growing purchasing power: Hispanic consumers and Millennials. But the upside multiplies exponentially when looking at the intersection of these two groups: Hispanic Millennials.