The Most Talked About Beer and Spirit Brands Among NFL Fans

The Most Talked About Beer and Spirit Brands Among NFL Fans

Few things pair together seamlessly as if nature simply neglected to make the pairing official. Peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, and ketchup and fries are clear stand-outs. But when we expand the discussion to media, we zero in on perhaps the greatest pairing of all: bars and football.

With the NFL playoffs beginning this weekend, Nielsen and BARTRENDr took a look back at the 2015 pre-season and regular football season to pinpoint the most talked about beer and spirits brands among America’s football fan base. Tapping into conversations happening within BARTRENDr’s exclusive online community, trending topics reflecting fan favorites were captured at social scenes from around the country that included bars, tailgating locations and friendly gatherings—even living rooms and man caves.

This marks the first release of data from Nielsen Bar Moments, powered by BARTRENDr, which reflects insights on popular beers and spirts from real social media conversations happening around NFL game time.

So, what are fans saying? Fans of No. 1 NFC seeded Carolina Panthers can’t stop talking about Heineken and Jack Daniels, while fans of the No. 1 seeded Denver Broncos from the AFC are hyped up over Bud Light and Bacardi.

While these social listening insights do not necessarily speak to actual dollar sales, it’s clear that that the language and love of beer, spirits and football are universal across team lines, state borders and leagues. Marketers take note: Where conversations happens, opportunity knocks.