Tops of 2015: Alcoholic Beverages

Tops of 2015: Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages is a large category in the U.S. and is one that continues to grow despite some ups and downs. Heavily dependent on shifting consumer tastes, as well as product innovation, it can also be a very fast changing category—what’s in one day, can be what’s out the next—and it’s critical for those across the industry to stay informed of recent trends and changing preferences. 

Looking back on sales in 2015 across beer, wine and spirits, all three categories saw growth in various segments. However, one common trend across all these categories was that the more premium segments grew faster than the lower price tiers, as consumers continued to trade up in their alcohol choices.

Here’s a compilation of the top growing segments across beer, wine, and spirits in 2015—these categories all enjoyed a minimum of $150 million sales in 2015 (within the Nielsen-measured off-premise channels) and are the fastest growing segments within their categories.