Tops of 2016: Fresh Organic

Tops of 2016: Fresh Organic

Consumers today are adopting a back-to-basics mind-set, focusing on simple ingredients and fewer processed foods. As health and wellness becomes an increasingly mainstream trend with consumers, living a healthy lifestyle supported by natural/organics products continues to be important to the U.S. shopper.

Retailers are taking notice and responding to this trend. Organic products are increasing in quantity across shelves and categories in the store. In the U.S. alone, volume sales of products with an organic claim on the package grew 13.1% over the 52 weeks ended July 30, 2016.

Organic produce and fresh items have been around for a long time and may have started this trend years ago. Today, these goods are reaping the benefits of high sales and increased awareness with consumers. But organic products are rapidly growing across every department in the store, and with 48% of U.S. consumers choosing local, natural and organic products when possible, there is a huge growth opportunity for retailers and manufacturers who offer organic product assortments.

While consumers are focused on health and wellness, price is still a factor. The good news is that many retailers and manufacturers are getting the price right between organic and conventional. This can help keep consumers from switching within the category, but instead bringing new consumers in with new organic varieties.

Across the fresh category in the perimeter, here are the top organic sales categories that captured America’s attention in 2016.