Versatile Vinegar’s Sales Are Growing in Canada

Versatile Vinegar’s Sales Are Growing in Canada

Vinegar may primarily serve as a versatile cooking ingredient, but its list of uses stretches far beyond cooking and the kitchen. For one, it has some amazing cleaning and deodorizing abilities, and not to mention, it’s typically far cheaper than your specialized cleaning solutions. With the list of its uses expanding every day and being shared by the masses online, vinegar sales are rising.

Sales in Canada alone climbed to over $82 million in the last year (the 52 weeks ending July 23, 2016), an increase of 11% over the previous year. The mainstays of the category—white, balsamic and cider vinegar—account for more than half the category’s total dollar sales and 81% of unit sales.

With dollar and unit sales rising, it is no surprise that the amount of households purchasing vinegar is also climbing. Today 57.5% of households are stocking up on their favourite vinegar types, compared with 52.1% of households in 2012 (for the 52 weeks ending June 30, 2012). Manufacturers and retailers are also seeing an increase in spending per buyer with the average consumer spending $8.33 (for the 52 weeks ending July 2, 2016) per year, an increase in almost 10% over the previous year.

With the growing number of households purchasing and spending their consumer dollars on this product, it’s important to understand what consumers are doing with all the vinegar. An increased interest in ecofriendly cleaning products may be part of the reason for the spike. Many consumers say they are looking for healthier, safer choices in the foods they eat and the products they use in their homes, and this desire goes beyond mass-marketed sustainable options. In fact, some consumers are relying on cleaning solutions that are basic products found in most homes, which may have the added benefit of being less expensive.

In Canada, consumers are searching for cleaning products that contain no hard chemicals (40%) and are environmentally friendly (37%). And with those requirements, 50% of consumers report using vinegar as a regular household cleaner.  

Vinegar is a versatile product with a multitude of uses, from cooking to cleaning and more! Retailers and manufacturers who understand the usefulness of vinegar and the resourcefulness of consumers may be able to capitalize on potential sales.