Flowers for Mother’s Day Are a Win for Retailers

Flowers for Mother’s Day Are a Win for Retailers

April showers bring May flowers, just in time for Mother’s Day! And a stop at the local grocery, convenience or drug store provides a vast array of beautiful flower bouquets, floral arrangements, potted plants and outdoor plants for those looking to express their love and admiration for their mothers.

Across U.S. retail stores, bouquets makes up nearly half (48%) of annual floral sales, with Mother’s Day seeing the largest annual spike in sales, accounting for over $152 million in 2016 alone. Along with bouquets, flowering or foliage plants and floral arrangements also see significant sales increases around Mother’s Day, with sales of $57 million and $22 million, respectively.

Looking at retail flower store sales, it seems that all flowers and plants are a good choice for Mom. Occasion bouquets, designed specifically for Mother’s Day, see the largest sales gains, with sales 1049% more than the average week! Topiaries, perennial shrubs and bushes also see a substantial sales increase of 558%. Those looking to give mom something extra special help to drive growth as well, as more premium options are brought into stores, raising the everyday price for bouquets 27% around Mother’s Day.

While the average consumer purchases floral items less than two times per year, Mother’s Day is a top occasion to bring shoppers to retail stores to purchase blossom-filled bouquets and plants. Retailers that have well stocked floral departments with premium options will help consumers bring a smile to their mother’s face.