Spring Superpower, Brought to You by Superfoods Across the Store

Spring Superpower, Brought to You by Superfoods Across the Store

We’re nearly a month into the spring season, and while some regions across the U.S. have had sunny days for weeks, others are just now receiving a glimpse of warmth. But regardless of where you live, spring marks the start of gardening season, a resurgence of farmers markets and a time to incorporate nutrient-rich and fresh foods into your meals.

As Americans become increasingly health conscious, access to fresh produce becomes more important. Greater access to information through technology helps consumers research what they eat, and superfoods are growing in popularity. They’re also gaining prominence across the grocery store. Rich in nutrients, superfoods, like kale, quinoa, strawberries, blueberries and chia seeds, are loaded with significant amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help aid in general health. They also help ailment sufferers proactively manage their conditions.

For retailers, spring is the perfect time to bring in-store attention to superfoods in the produce aisle. But did you know that consumers can find superfoods outside the fresh perimeter of the store? According to Nielsen Product Insider, powered by Label Insight, they’re also gaining prominence as ingredients in a wide array of products across the total store. Chia seeds, for example, were found in 23% of categories across the whole store, growing from 21% of categories last year.

Spring superfoods are also growing as add-in ingredients across non-traditional categories like liquid soap and diet aids. And that means that fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers with products in the center of store also have an opportunity to pay closer attention to consumers’ health-driven interests that are blossoming across the store.

Though spring officially kicks off the fresh food season, it only marks the beginning of the opportunities that superfoods offer. Food and beverage manufacturers should find new ways to incorporate—and label—the presence of nutrient-dense superfoods, regardless of whether their product sits in the perimeter of the store or throughout the aisles.