What Retailers Should Anticipate this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What Retailers Should Anticipate this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Despite holiday decorations seeming to appear on the shelves earlier with each passing year, November marks the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving now only weeks away. And while 26% of consumers had already started their shopping as early as September, this time of year always kicks off a major shopping blitz, with Americans preparing to take advantage of sales and promotions during the annual retail ruckus surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 49% of Americans plan to start their holiday shopping before the Black Friday weekend shopping spree begins, starting on Thanksgiving evening. However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still key moments in time for making holiday purchases.

According to the most recent Nielsen Total Consumer Report, 43% of consumers consider online purchasing better for their schedules, which could bode well for online retailers promoting Cyber Monday deals this year. What’s more is that non-food categories drove significant e-commerce growth, with online dollars up in pet care (73.7%), personal care (32.9%) and household care (23.6%) as of 52 weeks ended July 1, 2017. The growth in these departments could be leading indicators of what’s to come during the holidays for online shoppers.

But which consumer groups have already started shopping or plan to wait until closer to the holidays? How much are they willing to spend on these holiday moments in time, and how where does mobile commerce play a role? In the video below, Jordan Rost, vice president of consumer insights at Nielsen, addresses these questions to help retailers and brands alike get a jumpstart on understanding key consumers who are putting their dollars toward this four-day shopping frenzy and beyond.