Super Bowl Sunday Is No Longer Just a Beer Holiday

Despite being traditionally billed as a beer-drinking event, there are signs that consumers are thirsty for something else on Super Bowl Sunday. While beer remains the No. 1 choice for the big game, 20% of legal age drinkers say they’ll drink wine, and 20% say they’ll drink some form of spirits.

The Beverage Alcohol Media Report

This report looks at the media consumption habits of U.S. consumers of legal drinking age. It provides three different perspectives: digital best practices; audience media consumption; and the “best of the best.”

Webinar: Capturing the Latino Vote in 2016

As the nation’s Latino population recently reached a record 55 million, the importance of this demographic group in the 2016 election has become even more apparent. Watch our recent webinar to learn how to nurture, where to connect and how to drive Latino voters to the polls in 2016.

Nielsen Won’t Play You for a Fool This April 1

For some, April Fools’ Day is a fun-filled 24 hours of pranks and mischief. But others dread gags gone wrong or believable bad news that turns out to be a poorly planned joke. To fool your friends with the truth, we've compiled a list of interesting facts that sound false but actually aren’t.