The Database: What’s on Tap for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry?

The Database: What’s on Tap for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry?

When Americans are off the clock and ready for their adult beverage of choice, what are they reaching for these days?

Chances are, it depends. That’s because, much like we’re seeing across categories, consumers aren’t as loyal to their historic beverage of choice the way they once were. Whether it’s because they’re tapering consumption, adapting their habits to better conform with general health and wellness trends, or simply opting to try something new, Americans aren’t drinking the same way they were just a few years ago.

In addition to an abundance of choice and the influence of health and wellness trends, overall alcoholic beverage growth is moderate. That raises the stakes for brands, retailers and establishments alike simply because the number of participants and offerings is growing while consumption isn’t keeping pace.

There are, however, ways to stand out and break through. Whether it’s with new beverage innovations like hard seltzers or through the introduction of establishments that feature activities like curling and axe throwing, consumers are seeking experiences—both in their glasses and at their watering holes of choice.

This episode covers the alcoholic beverage landscape through both on- and off-premise lenses. Our conversation includes Danny Brager, who leads Nielsen’s beverage alcohol practice, Danelle Kosmal, a VP in Nielsen’s beverage alcohol practice, and Matthew Crompton, client service director for Nielsen CGA, which measures on-premise consumption of alcohol at bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other on-premise establishments.

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