Webinar: Unleash the Power of Your Network

In a technology-driven world, the ability to connect is a standard of personal life; however the world of FMCG has yet to crack the code. In this session we’ll explore an untapped way you can better connect your partners and data sets: the open network.

Fan Favorite Nielsen Data Visualization Contest Winner

The Nielsen Data Visualization Contest featured many great submissions and terrific fan turnout. Congratulations to Ashish Naidu – the winner of the Fan Favorite award. As the winner, Ashish will receive $2,000 in American Express Rewards cards and other prizes, and joins Judge’s Choice...

B2B Discovers Market Segmentation

Michael Mancini, Vice President of Data Product Management, Nielsen Claritas For business-to-business (B2B) marketers under increasing pressure to better target customers and prospects, segmentation can be a powerful tool for strategic and tactical applications. Although marketing segmentation...