Measuring The Impact of Advertising One Purchase at a Time

In recent years, the creation of large single-source datasets has been a major boon to the advertising research industry. At Nielsen Catalina Solutions, we’re combining in-store sales data from millions of households with information on whether or not those households are exposed to any given ad...

Understanding Memory in Advertising

Advertisers and those who measure the impact of advertising are obsessed with memory. If advertising is to be successful, it has to stick in the consumer’s memory—or so the saying goes. But what exactly is that thing called memory, how long does it linger, and how do we measure it?

Fuzzy Matching to the Rescue: Aligning Survey Design Across Time

Surveys are a valuable tool for any market research company. As a leading global information and measurement company, Nielsen has developed complex models and methodologies that hinge on the accuracy of survey data we use in our products. Survey data not only provides insights about what people...

Co-Viewing on OTT Devices: Similarities and Differences

When we watch television, we often have someone else in our household watching with us: a spouse, a child, a roommate, even a family guest. That behavior is called ‘co-viewing,’ and it’s been a topic of intense social research for as long as television has been around.

The Big Picture: Technology to Meet the Challenges of Media Fragmentation

It’s a great time to be a media consumer. New streaming technologies with over-the-top (OTT) apps, connected devices and social media are redefining the media landscape. While traditional linear TV offers an increasing array of new channels and new features (e.g., cloud-based DVR), OTT providers...

Using Machine Learning to Predict Future TV Ratings

TV ratings are used to predict the future. They set expectations and affect programming decisions from one season to the next, and they help set the cost of advertising (advertising rates) well in advance of when a program goes on the air. In the U.S. for instance, TV networks sell the majority of...

Smaller Cheaper Stronger: The Nano Meter

Television is a very technical environment. To make sense of what content is being viewed, where, when, how and by whom, researchers around the world have long relied on sophisticated engineering solutions, and, for the most part, these solutions have answered the call beautifully.

NOTT Alone: Is OTT Making It Cool Again to Watch TV Together?

Co-viewing in television is the process of watching content alongside other people, typically members of the same household. Entertainment products are often consumed collectively, and television is no exception. In fact, watching television has traditionally been considered a social activity. But...