Predicting the COVID-19 Behavioral Reset

In addition to keeping us informed, the news media can often inspire quick, sometimes targeted, behavior shifts, especially in times of crisis. But in today’s prolonged timeline of crisis, there are other factors driving consumer behavior transformation.

Webinar: What's Next in E-Commerce

We’re at a tipping point for e-commerce. In 2016 alone, consumers spent $20.5 billion for online grocery items. In some categories, like beauty and personal care, e-commerce is already driving 80+% of growth. So are you ready for what’s next?

Webinar: Unleash the Power of Your Network

In a technology-driven world, the ability to connect is a standard of personal life; however the world of FMCG has yet to crack the code. In this session we’ll explore an untapped way you can better connect your partners and data sets: the open network.

Webinar: What's in Store - Top 5 Trends for 2017

The last year has been punctuated by disruption - whether it was newcomers to the retail and manufacturing market, new consumer segments or the continued digital revolution. In 2017, historical sources of growth will shift, and companies will need to rethink their definitions and strategies to meet...

What's Next: Emotions Give a Lift to Advertising

While the industry has a long history of measurement solutions based on metrics like recall, recognition, intent and consideration, those solutions do not do a very good job of capturing whether an ad creates an emotional connection with the viewer. That’s where emotions come into play.