B2B Segmentation Solutions: Understand market opportunities

B2B Segmentation Solutions: Understand market opportunities

With business-to-business (B2B) marketers under increasing pressure to better target their customers and prospects, segmentation can be a powerful tool for strategic and tactical applications. But too many B2B segmentation approaches fail to deliver their promise in the marketplace.While marketing segmentation systems have enjoyed widespread acceptance in the consumer world for decades, similar systems for B2B marketing have languished due in part to the limited availability of accurate data and technical expertise. All too often, custom models can’t be implemented at the street level and are useless for developing high quality leads, delivering targeted marketing or creating differentiated messages.

New methodologies for modeling data are yielding innovative B2B segmentation solutions that are both actionable and effective. Enhanced datasets and segmentation techniques developed by The Nielsen Company are helping companies develop informed strategies for prospecting new customers, re-aligning sales territories, cross-selling existing customers and predicting future opportunities. Their techniques uncover key attributes of a company’s most valuable business customers and then employ them using a segmentation approach to help focus their marketing efforts and increase sales.While B2B segmentation is still a relatively new discipline, the results have already proven their value and led to a number of best practices to help ensure success.


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B2B Segmentation Solutions: Understand market opportunities

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