The Global Impact of an Aging World

The Global Impact of an Aging World

As populations age, the significance of consumers over the age of 50 will grow in importance. Already in the U.S., the Baby Boom generation accounts for the largest share of sales of any generation across most product categories. Understanding this new marketplace will be essential for brands that will grow in the 21st century.

Nielsen’s report, The Global Impact on an Aging World, based on findings from Nielsen’s global online survey conducted in more than 50 countries brings much to light about retirement and other sentiments around aging. The one thing marketers must accept for certain about Baby Boomers is that they will redefine what it means to be old in exactly the same manner as they redefined what it meant to be young and middle aged. And they will not allow themselves to be ignored.

The Global Impact of an Aging World provides answers to critical questions to help marketers better understand how to navigate the growing aging marketplace:

  • Why are we getting older?
  • How old is old?
  • When can I retire?
  • How will I fund retirement?
  • How will I spend my time?
  • How will I spend my money?


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The Global Impact of an Aging World

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