Women of Tomorrow: U.S. Multicultural Insights

Women of Tomorrow: U.S. Multicultural Insights

Women are the world’s most powerful single demographic. They control the majority of household spending decisions, their influence is growing and they are increasingly exercising this new-found power in a variety of ways. It is only natural that marketers would take notice and seek ways to better reach women in terms of the media they watch and the products they buy.

With the face of the United States changing, the attitudes and behaviors of women across ethnicities is particularly important. Hispanics are now the fastest growing ethnic group, a trend that has tremendous ramifications on media, retail and manufacturers now and in the years ahead. As overall consumer demand shrinks and companies look for new segments of growth, the multicultural consumer represents a significant opportunity now and in the long term. This report highlights the differences and similarities of American women across the four primary ethnic groups: Hispanic/Latino, African American, Asian American and Caucasian/White.


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Women of Tomorrow: U.S. Multicultural Insights

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