Global Advertising Trends – Q3 2012

Global Advertising Trends – Q3 2012

While global ad spending rose 4.3 percent in Q3 2012, the Western Europe market continues to see cuts, with a 4.8 percent decrease from Q3 2011.

Main Events

  • Global consumer confidence increases one point from Q2 to 92
  • North America and Europe report the only regional consumer confidence increases, though discretionary spending patterns remain stable globally from Q2
  • U.S. holds presidential elections in the fourth quarter
  • The civil war in Syria continues, with reverberations in surrounding countries

Main Facts

  • Advertisers boost budgets in Q3 by 4.3%
  • North America sees a significant influx of ad spend during Q3 (+10.2%) due to increased Automotive and Industry & Services ad budgets
  • Asia Pacific also sees an improvement within its ad market during Q3, up +3.5%


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Global Advertising Trends – Q3 2012

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