Global Payment Gateways of the Future

Global Payment Gateways of the Future

Competition for consumers’ wallets is gathering pace as a result of the transformation of the payments ecosystem that is being driven by the introduction and adoption of contactless payment technology, multicurrency cards, changes in regulations, and the advancement of Internet retailing and mobile banking. Each of these factors is accelerating the movement away from cash toward electronic payments. Technological advancement has also introduced new options and new competition.

Consumer needs are also evolving. There is a growing demand for greater choice and more personalization of services. Consumers expect rewards for their card loyalty through either promotions offering discounted shopping and advance sale privileges or the accumulation of points redeemable for travel or other services. Increased overseas spending trends on e-commerce, education and travel have also created a preference for consumers to pay in their home currency.

Paper or Plastic?

Credit cards are now joined by other convenient payment methods that have entered the ecosystem. Stored value cards allow for contactless payment at the point of sale, providing swipe-and-go convenience for shoppers, and mobile wallets can debit a customer account tied to either a bank account or a payment card.


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Global Payment Gateways of the Future

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