Global Generational Lifestyles

Global Generational Lifestyles

How much does our age influence how we think, where and what we eat or how we save and spend?

Depending on our age, our approach to something as simple as getting up-to-date news or eating out can be drastically different. But today’s consumers are bucking yesterday’s preconceived generational notions. In fact, many older people are embracing a more technology-driven world, and sizeable numbers of younger people are turning to more traditional values. Yet for all of our differences, in many ways, it’s remarkable how similar we are no matter the age.

Top Spare Time Activities

TV may have universal appeal as a favorite spare-time activity among all generations, but among Generation Z, more respondents selected reading as a favorite activity than watching TV. In fact, a higher percentage enjoys reading than playing video and online games or reviewing social media.


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Global Generational Lifestyles

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