Q2 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

Q2 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

Global consumer confidence declined one index point in the second quarter to a score of 96, as overall sentiment about job prospects and personal finances dropped two and one percentage point(s), respectively, from the first quarter. This near-baseline score, which has stayed relatively consistent for more than a year, reflects an overall stable outlook, but uneven performance at the country level increased within regions—especially in Latin America and the Middle East.

Regionally, confidence continued to rise in Europe, increasing two points to 79—its highest score since 2010, as 65% of markets showed improvement from the first quarter. In Asia-Pacific, confidence held steady at 107, and it declined five points in North America (101), two points in the Middle East/ Africa (94) and three points in Latin America (83).

Among the world’s largest economies, confidence remained at near- and above-the-baseline levels in Germany (97) and the U.S. (101) despite quarterly index declines of three and six points, respectively. In China (107) and the U.K. (99), consumer confidence increased one and two points, respectively, and it increased one point in Japan (83) from the first quarter.

Confidence Increased In 27 of 60 Global Markets

In the latest online survey, conducted May 11-29, 2015, consumer confidence increased in 27 of 60 markets measured by Nielsen (45%). India’s score of 131 was the highest level among 60 markets, followed by the Philippines (122), Indonesia (120) and Denmark (112). The Philippines showed the biggest quarterly improvement, as confidence there rose seven points, and Greece showed the biggest quarterly decline of 12 points from the first quarter. South Korea reported the lowest score of 45.


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Q2 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

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