Q3 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

Q3 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

Global consumer confidence increased three index points in the third quarter to 99, the highest level since 2006. Optimistic sentiment for job prospects, personal finances and spending intentions increased in nearly half (48%) of all measured markets, but uneven growth continues around the world as confidence stabilizes or grows in many advanced economies and declines in many emerging markets.

Regionally, confidence increased significantly in North America (U.S. and Canada) with a 16-point index surge, reaching a score of 117—the region’s highest level in Nielsen’s 10-year consumer confidence history. Confidence in Europe continued on an upward trajectory for the third consecutive quarter, as 21 of 32 countries posted index increases, resulting in a regional score of 81—the highest level since 2008. Conversely, confidence in the Asia-Pacific region declined one index point to 106, and fell two points in Latin America (81), the lowest score on record for the region. Consumer confidence held steady in the Middle East/Africa region1 with a score of 94.

Among the world’s largest economies, confidence increased 18 points in the U.S. (119)—the highest score for the country in Nielsen’s 10-year consumer confidence history. Confidence also increased four points in the U.K. (103) and three points in Germany (100) from the second quarter. Conversely, confidence declined one point in China (106) and three points in Japan (80).

Confidence Increased In 29 of 60 Global Markets

In the latest online survey, conducted Aug.10–Sept. 4, 2015, consumer confidence increased in 29 of 60 markets measured by Nielsen (48%). India’s score of 131 was the highest level among 61 markets, followed by the U.S. (119), the Philippines (117) and Indonesia (116). The U.S. showed the biggest quarterly improvement of 18 points, and Taiwan showed the biggest quarterly decline of 12 points from the second quarter. South Korea reported the lowest score of 49, an increase of four points from the second quarter.


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Q3 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

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