Consumer Insights for Apparel Purchasing

Consumer Insights for Apparel Purchasing

Shopping for apparel is a regular and frequent activity for most U.S. consumers. According to Nielsen Channel Track, roughly 70% of American shoppers have made an apparel purchase in the last six months, and 82% of these shoppers made purchases at a physical store.

Despite strong brick-and-mortar trends, however, retailers and brands shouldn’t ignore online and mobile purchasing opportunities. That’s because almost half of U.S. shoppers (41%) have made an online apparel purchase in the last six months, and roughly 12% made a mobile apparel purchase. As retailers continue to provide integrated online and mobile options to shoppers, these figures are likely to increase. E-commerce is driving the retail industry and Nielsen projects online sales growth of 12.2% between 2015 and 2020.

Purchase Channels Used in the Last Six Months:
Apparel, Clothing and Shoes

Online and mobile channels also serve as important sources of information for shoppers, even when they ultimately make apparel purchases at physical store locations. These channels provide a means to research product reviews, compare prices and product options and find store information.


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Consumer Insights for Apparel Purchasing

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