The U.S. Breakthrough Innovation Report 2016

The U.S. Breakthrough Innovation Report 2016

As we reflect on the success drivers of the 92 Breakthrough Winners across the five years of our study project, leadership has played a consistent, decisive role. Given its pressing importance, for 2016 we have chosen to elevate and dedicate this report to breakthrough leadership.

Based on our many client conversations, we are confident that few will dispute we are managing through an era of unprecedented change and challenge. There is less room for missteps—and a greater need for leadership.

The largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms control valuable global capabilities that can catalyze innovation and organizational transformation. But those very same capabilities can be misdirected to strategies designed to fight yesterday’s war. Leadership is what will make the difference. Leadership is what is necessary to ensure that today’s flagship brands do not become tomorrow’s ghost ship brands—drifting relics—from the perspective of consumers, shareholders and the best talent.

The challenge is, without a doubt, surmountable. We have never had the benefit of better innovation knowledge or better innovation tools than we do today, and we need to put them all to work—right now.