Nielsen’s Top 25 Breakthrough Innovations of 2019

Nielsen’s Top 25 Breakthrough Innovations of 2019

25 innovations in 2019 that leveraged strategy over scale to break through

It wasn’t too long ago that developing and launching a truly breakthrough product was largely dependent on a company’s size and brand stature. Yes, there were exceptions, but they were just that—exceptions. Today, amid widespread information access and connectivity, the scales have tipped, and while massive scale and big budgets remain valuable in launching breakthrough innovations, they’re not necessarily essential.

While the “fewer, bigger, better” mentality is still the most prevalent route that brands take, it isn’t the only road to innovation success. A growing number of innovations are finding success through varied launch strategies, such as focusing on a targeted cohort, increasing an interested consumer base and achieving short-term wins. In fact, approximately one-third of the products included in Nielsen’s 25 U.S. Breakthrough Innovations were the result of strategically activated launches, highlighting a palpable shift in the innovation landscape: opportunity is much wider than it used to be.