The Smart Shelf: Your Pathway to Winning in Retail
The Smart Shelf

The Smart Shelf: Your Pathway to Winning in Retail

Did you know that globally, on average, 60% of shoppers decide on which brand and product to purchase when they are standing in front of the shelf? When consumers are uncertain about their purchase choices, manufacturers have a significant opportunity to influence their ultimate choices. Now you must be wondering, “How can I influence the shopper’s purchase decision?”

Making a purchase decision at the shelf isn’t easy for shoppers. Retail stores are more crowded than ever, and manufacturers are continually pushing retailers to add more products. The race for innovation is driving item proliferation across the store, and this proliferation creates an imbalance between the assortment and space and causes higher out-of-stocks.

When it comes to success at the shelf, package design, trade promotions and media buys will only carry manufacturers part of the way. In essence, manufacturers need to be as focused on the shelf as retailers are. After all, that’s where consumers decide whether to put a product in their basket or move on to the next one.

The Smart Shelf whitepaper will allow you to better understand the ingredients of the Smart Shelf and what you need to do to build your first planogram. To succeed at the retail shelf and to influence the shopper’s product choice, manufacturers need to be knowledgeable about planogramming. Discover how you can start using it to maximise sales and avoid out-of-stocks.


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The Smart Shelf: Your Pathway to Winning in Retail

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