Improve Your Odds of Success After Your CPG Product’s Launch

Improve Your Odds of Success After Your CPG Product’s Launch

The Definitive Checklist for Small & Mid-Size Manufacturers

In today’s high-stakes consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, Supermarket Facts estimates that a typical grocery store carries approximately 39,000 items. In this highly competitive environment, you need ongoing marketing support and the latest market data to support your product’s sales.

If you want to maintain, or better still, expand your product’s hard-earned shelf space, download 5 Steps to Improve Your Odds of Success After Your CPG Product’s Launch:The Definitive Checklist for Manufacturers. It’s packed with insights from Nielsen CPG industry experts who have worked with hundreds of small and mid-sized manufacturers like you.

Infographic - Product Launch Tips

The checklist covers essential topics such as:

  • Monitoring performance in store: Discover proven strategies to effectively measure your product’s turn rate and learn how to avoid going out of stock and improve your forecasting capabilities.
  • Driving your category: Learn how to keep up with consumers’ changing expectations and plan for white spaces by mastering your product category.
  • Boosting your product in market; Optimize your product’s aisle and shelf placement to drive purchase decisions and more sales.
  • Growing your market share: Align your retailer’s objectives with yours by using reliable market data that helps you foster growth and stay competitive.
  • Nurturing your relationship with retail buyers: Your relationship with retail buyers requires continued commitment. Find out what metrics and category drivers are important to each of them. And understand their success criteria to align your strategies with theirs.

Getting your product on the shelf marks a significant milestone and signals the next phase of your company’s growth. Download our checklist to get these top tips and more.