Digital Shopping: The Topline on Online

Digital Shopping: The Topline on Online

The digital dynamics of researching and buying – and the influencing opportunities they create along the “path to purchase” – will be key topics in this exciting webinar. Join us as we explore the digital shopping landscape, with guidance and insights provided by Nielsen subject matter experts. We will provide an overview of the current state of digital shopping while also addressing key trends and business issues, among them:

  • How does the online shopping ‘journey’ differ from the in-store shopping ‘trip’?
  • What is the impact of online visits to online – and offline – sales?
  • Which categories offer new engagement opportunities taking advantage of digital channels? 
  • How can differences in online vs. mobile activity be leveraged to optimize ROI? 
  • Which ‘fundamental’ practices can be used as guidelines without becoming a ‘one size fits all’ strategy?


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Digital Shopping: The Topline on Online

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