Webinar: What’s in Store for Retail in 2015

Webinar: What’s in Store for Retail in 2015

What’s top of mind for retailers as they start the New Year? This year, our “What’s in Store” webinar explores three topics that will be game-changing for your business in 2015 if you get them right.

Key points include:

  • Digital First: The connections that can and will exist in our increasingly hyper-connected world are limitless, and that means retailing needs to put digital first.
  • Hyper-Localization: To segment or not to segment? Whether regionally or demographically, find the right level of segmentation to connect with your consumers and secure the buy wherever they are – at the store and everywhere else.
  • Cause a Reaction in Store: Finding and engaging with your consumer is just the first step. So how can you stand out among the clutter at the shelf – the most popular point of purchase?

Look through the lens of the current economy to see why these factors stand above the rest.

But it’s no longer enough to just know why they matter. The key to your business’ future lies in how it adapts going forward, so we’ll share learnings about game changers from regions around the world to illustrate the power of insightful foresight.

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Webinar: What’s in Store for Retail in 2015

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