Webinar: What’s in Store – Top 5 Trends for 2017

Webinar: What’s in Store – Top 5 Trends for 2017

The last year has been punctuated by disruption – whether it was newcomers in the retail and manufacturing market, new consumer segments or the continued digital revolution. In 2017, historical sources of growth will shift, and companies will need to rethink their definitions and strategies to meet these changing needs in five key areas.

Jordan Rost shares the top five trends affecting the U.S. in 2017:

  • Multicultural: Identify changing multicultural identities, and how they influence flavor trends and cultural affinity groups
  • Retailer: Understand new retailer models, built on digital platforms, that are changing traditional definitions of retail
  • Health and wellness: Rethink what consumers view as “healthy” and how you can support those habits
  • Paths to purchase: Discover the most profitable way to market to consumers along the online and offline path to purchase and learn which category drivers matter the most
  • Meal consumption: Explore the shift between in-home and out-of-home dinings’ similarities and differences, as well as new meal occasions and snacking trends

The webinar materials are available for download at the end of the video.