Webinar: What’s in Store 2017 – Canada Edition

Webinar: What’s in Store 2017 – Canada Edition

People are fundamentally shopping differently today than they used to just five years ago. Canadian consumers are taking fewer trips to the store and changing the traditional path to purchase and offering fewer chances for retailers and manufacturers to engage. With the shopper journey shifting, it’s time to find new ways to connect with consumers – whether it’s pre, during or post-sale. For a sneak preview, check out this video.

Join Carman Allison has he shares the key ways to capitalize on the changing Canadian path to purchase.

Here’s some key changes we’re tracking:
1. Online is creating new and exciting touch points along the shoppper journey
2. More consumers are taking their path to purchase to non-traditional retailers
3. Health and wellness is changing and influencing in-store decisions

The webinar materials are available for download at the end of the video.